Beetroot and vodka dip, and Crispy soldiers


Serves 4 portions

Soldier one:
Puff pastry 350g
Carrots 3 medium
Egg 1 each
Atsina Cress 1 punnet
Salt 1 pinch
Soldier two:
Skin of the filet of cod
Olive oil
Sea salt
Beetroot and vodka dip:
Beetroot puree 100g
Filet of fresh cod 2 medium fillet
Fish stock 50ml
Vodka 1 tbsp.
Nasturtium (zorri cress) 1 punnet
Grape seed oil 100ml
Huckleberry (airelle) 10g
Plain yoghurt 50g
Vene cress ½ punnet
Table salt
White pepper


Ingredients for the crispy soldiers – two different flavors:
Soldier one:

1.Roll out the puff pastry to 2 to 3 mm thick and divide into 4 equal rectangles.

2.Beat the egg into a glass.

3.Using a hand peeler, peel some carrot strip and place on a kitchen absorbent paper; press down with another sheet of paper on top in order to remove the excess of water.

4.Cut the Atsina cress and leave aside.

5.Brush the top of the first rectangle of Puff pastry with the egg wash and lay out some carrot slices on top Egg wash again and season with a pinch of salt.

6.Cover with the second rectangle of puff pastry, egg wash and cover with the Atsina cress. Repeat with the last piece of puff pastry.

7.Roll the “ mille feuille “ into a cling film and chill for at least 2 hours.

8.Preheat the oven, slice the “ mille feuille” and lay down each slice on a baking paper, then on a baking tray. Cook at 160C until golden brown, cool and reserve.

Soldier two:

9.Use the cod for the dip and the skin to the crisp up, used as “soldier”.

10.Brush baking paper with olive oil and lay the skin on top.

11.Add a pinch of sea salt, cover with another paper and press with a baking tray.

12.Cook in an oven at 180C for approx. 10 to 12 minutes.

13.Cool and reserve.

Beetroot and vodka dip:

14.Cook the filet of cod in a fish stock. Then cool and reserve.

15.In a mixer or using a hand blender, blend together until smooth the beetroot, cooked cod, vodka, fish stock and seasoning.

16.Make the green oil by mixing together the grape seed oil and Nasturtium. Then sieve through a fine sieve or mousseline tissue.

17.ipe the beetroot puree into a large glass, add some Nasturtium oil, add the plain yogurt and Huckleberry.

18.Dip the biscuit into the dip, add caviar on top and enjoy.

Chef Franck Pontais

Franck Pontais is a leading French chef, born in Paris.

Franck began his career at the age of 14 asS a butchers apprentice before heading to the prestigious culinary school CEPROCs At the age of 22 Franck was invited by Harrods to expand their delicatessen counter, before joining Selfridges six years later where he launched their deli counter in both London and Manchester.

Franck introduced the UK to the term Verrines (gourmet food presented individual glasses and has written a cookbook entitled “Terrines& Verrines “).

Recently he joined the team at Koppert Cress and looks after Innovation and Development for the UK and UAE "He was awarded member of World Chef Society 2015, Disciples of Escoffier 2011 and awarded ACF palme culinaire.

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